Wonnerbar Ypacarai – 25 Churchill Cigars (Wooden Box)

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Wonnerbar Ypacarai



25 Churchill Cigars

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of “The Little Prince”, came to Paraguay in 1929 for the purpose of inaugurating the Aeropostal Route, as well as to meet Hilda Ingenohl, the “Tigress”, on the shores of Ypacarai lake.

Hilda, best known as the “Tigress”, was one of the first pilot women of the world, and a brave adventurer. After meeting Antoine in Paris, she realized his intention to travel to Paraguay, and invited him to spend a few days in the city of San Bernardino, on the shores of said lake. Some people say that said passion story included a few more visits.

This “Ypacarai” brand has many presentations, but the same experience of unforgettable flavor and taste


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