W-Store (Wonnerbar Store) is the general name of our stores that we designed as the experience center of our premium segment products.

The W-Stores, which we will expand on 4 continents in a short time, will be the areas where we will implement our high-level service policy for our customers. While our visitors have the opportunity to try our products, they will enjoy spending quality time.

As part of the loyalty program we have created, our customers will benefit from premium services and special discount opportunities in our physical and online stores.

The services we provide in our franchise system;

– Uninterrupted product supply
– Architectural design and consultancy
– Legal consultancy support
– Supervisor support in physical store setup
– ERP and CRM system
– Pre-accounting software support
– Human Resources / Personnel management system
– W-Club Loyalty program setup
– Marketing and documentation support
– Online store support
– Online marketplace store support

With these services we provide, we aim to ensure global Wonnerbar standardization.

Basically; We provide uninterrupted and continuous product supply, marketing support in the local market, support on online platforms and software support. Our franchise system, which we have built on sustainability, will be a profitable and long-term business model for our business partners.

You can contact us for getting to know our W-Stores closely and for your franchise requests.