Wonnerbar Coffee | Regional Coffees (Kenya) 100g, 250g and 1kg

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Kenyan coffee beans, one of our local coffees, with a medium consistency and a berry, blackberry flavor.

You can brew our Kenyan local coffee, which is freshly ground specially for you according to the grinding type, as you wish, with your filter coffee machine, frrench press or special equipment.

This high value coffee grows in the fertile red volcanic soils surrounding Kenya and is known for its sharp acidity.

It leaves an intense, dry and berry-like aftertaste. It is the only coffee in the world that has 7% acidity.

We present our Kenyan Local Coffee to your liking in locked packages.

We Collect The Best Coffee Beans With Skillful Hands

We work with the world’s leading coffee producers to bring you the best coffee. We carefully collect local coffee beans, which are grown in different geographies of the world such as Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Kenya, and have their own unique aroma and characteristic features. In fact, we especially prefer the best Arabica coffee beans, which are more difficult to produce but provide great flavor superiority.

We Blend under the Control of Our Coffee Experts

We pass the coffee beans selected by our experts from the fields in many countries of the world, to the laboratory and analysis by our Quality Assurance unit before putting them into production. And we blend in the most appropriate way what really deserves to reach your cup.

We Don’t Stop Researching to Find the Perfect Taste

We work hard to find the most suitable coffee flavor for your taste. In this way, we control the continuity of quality by passing our coffees through special taste tests at all stages of production.

We Know Sensitive Roasting Is Important For Optimal Taste

We roast the selected coffee beans, which are collected, inspected and blended, with the latest technology in accordance with the purpose of use and taste. After roasting, we apply shock cooling and keep it in special silos to make its unique aroma permanent.

Grinding Is As Important To Us As Roasting

We grind our roasted coffees with great precision and meticulousness under the control of our laboratory and grinding experts. We use the grinding technique that best suits their taste.

The Freshness and Aroma of Our Coffees Are Always Under Our Protection

We pack in many different weights according to the needs of coffee lovers. Moreover, we preserve the freshness and aroma of our coffees by reducing the amount of oxygen in all of our packaging, which offers different alternatives.

Tasting Notes

-Medium Consistency

-High Acidity

-Grapes and Blackberries

Beans Type


Product Content Information

100% Roasted Coffee Beans

Allergen Information

May contain traces of gluten, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, dairy products, eggs and soy.

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values (100g)
Energy (kcal)/(kJ) 345/1442
Fat (g) 14.2
Saturated Fat (g) 6.3
Carbs(g) 14.6
Sugar(g) 1
Fiber(g) 50.9
Protein (g) 14.3
Salt(g) 0


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